I Could Pee On This (and Other Poems by Cats)

I Could Pee On This (and Other Poems by Cats)

Cats: they’re not good at writing poems, but they are good at peeing on your stuff. But if they WERE good at writing poems you would finally understand that they were peeing on your stuff as means of expressing their deeper feelings. I Could Pee on This is a collection of poems by cats. Or more likely by humans who have tapped into their inner cat. We all have one. You just have to listen very closely. Hear it? It’s saying, “I hate you.” But it’s also purring, so who knows what it really means right?





Via: The Awesomer

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  • Meike de Haas

    Love it!

  • Cat lovin man

    I had no idea cats were that literate.

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