Corny Harry Potter Valentines

Corny Harry Potter Valentines

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a collection of Harry Potter themed Valentine’s cards. No there is nothing wrong with your screen: the Photoshop job on these suckers doesn’t just appear to be super shitty, it actually is. But I really appreciate the effort, I do. Now let me give it a try. Okay, uh… “I’ve never loved you Voldemort than I do right now.” Wait, here comes another: “You will never be able to get Hagrid of me!” Ehh? Okay how about: “You are Gryffindor-able” or “I’d love you even if you gave me one of those gross booger-flavored jelly beans.” Ooh! “Your name must be Luna ’cause you Lovegood.” No? Fine, whatever, I give up! I’ll let myself out, but I am taking this big-ass box of chocolates with me.






Via: Nerd Approved

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  • HolyHogwarts

    Oh YES I love ’em! Thank you for uploading these!

  • RitalinJunkie


    Bwaaa ha ha haa!!

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