Buy Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home

Buy Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home

Typically when your home hasn’t been remodeled or redecorated in over 30 years, you aren’t advised to list it for more than it’s value. If you haven’t even fixed a hole that your teenage son punched in the wall, you better drop the price a little more. Unless of course you’re selling a music legend’s childhood home. For a cool half a mil, you can own the Aberdeen, WA bungalow that Kurt Cobain grew up in. Sure it’s only worth 80k, but he and  Krist Novoselic practiced in the home’s garage in the ’80s, forming the beginnings of Nirvana. There’s even an angst-y quote scribbled on a wall somewhere. Now excuse me while I go research if anyone famous has ever lived in my home.








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Via: Offbeat Home

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