Make These DIY Tiny Political Yard Signs For Your House Plants

Make These DIY Tiny Political Yard Signs For Your House Plants

Some person with way too much time on their hands made these tiny political yard signs for plants, presumably in an attempt to sway Smurf and garden gnome voters. Just kidding, it was me. Just kidding x 2, because yes it was me, but all that other stuff I said about having too much time on my hands and Smurfs is absolutely true as well. But the garden gnome thing is not. Everyone knows garden gnomes aren’t eligible to vote! Want to make your own tiny political yard sign? Just find a picture of a regular-sized political yard sign OF THE POLITICIAN OF YOUR CHOICE, scale it down, print it out, cut it out, tape some toothpicks to the back, and stick that little sign into a potted plant. Congratulations! Now you are a person who took the time to make tiny political yard signs for plants. Welcome to the club. Right now it’s just me, but I imagine some other weirdos will wander in shortly. Hopefully with snacks.



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