Caption This: Hairy Back [Closed]

Caption This: Hairy Back [Closed]

We spent a lot of time looking at incredible, funny and weird photos every week and frankly, our brains are fried. We can’t come up with any captions other than “What is this I don’t even…” So now we’re looking to you guys to come up with ’em. Each week we’ll post a new photo for you to caption and send the winner a mystery prize.

How to Enter

Step 1: Leave a comment below with your best caption (sign up for Disqus)
Step 2: Check back next week for the winner and a new Caption This! contest

Last Caption This! Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in our last Caption This! contest. Here’s the winning caption:


Congrats Valerie Martin ! You won a speaker that looks like a Nikon camera lens.


Via: Retronaut

We want to know all of your thoughts and feelings. Please share them in great detail below.
  • Jeffy D

    Harry is my name & back hair is my game!

  • Jenni Chasteen

    Rogaine for Men: Sure he’s a hairy freak now, but at least he’s not bald.

  • Michael

    The closest anyone’s come to imitating an actual bear hug.

  • Idjy

    Love is in the Hair.

  • TCal

    How do you like my tablecloth dress?

  • durple

    That is fur-real!

  • Jeff

    Fur better or fur worse.

  • Jeff

    I’ll love you furever

  • Jeff

    Vampire Bill is not going to like finding out Sookie Stackhouse is hanging out with wares again!

  • Stacey Sevel

    The sweater you’re born with!

  • Jeff Kim

    Oh Yeah, this would work better than those anti rape stockings!

  • Marytryingto

    Toula was overjoyed to be reunited with her sister from Greece

  • Mary

    A real life ch-ch-ch- CHIA!

  • Woman in red checkered dress hugs man with hairy back

  • Yekim Retsnom

    My husband is half gorilla

  • Grant Hamill

    Why yes, the back carpet does match the drapes!

  • Chris Dodds

    How did you get a photo of me ?

  • Don Chavito

    She didn’t want to spend another cold winter

  • I’ll never have to shave again!!

  • Ms. Wolverine

    “He’s an animal in bed”

    “Business up front, party down the back”

    “We gather today to remember John, who unexpectedly lost his life in a waxing accident when he bled to death.”

    “SPF 200”

  • Ms. Wolverine

    things got a little hairy, but now our marriage is better than ever!

  • Ms. Wolverine

    introducing a new line of shampoo, “Head and Shoulders and Back”

  • Anastasia

    When Hairy Met Sally

  • Kristi Lee

    Be careful my darling, it gets pretty hairy out there in the world. May the furs be with you my son.

  • Grace

    Beauty and the Beast

  • Anneke

    A back-skin rug for romantic nights by the fireplace.

  • Pamela

    Thank you for the new sweater mom! It fits perfectly!

  • Del Monsivais

    Real life teddy bear finds love

  • Paula

    One must always be loving, to the hair apparent.

  • Rob Tsuyuki

    “I will miss you! Please hairy back!”

  • Jess

    HAIR today, BACK tomorrow.

  • A girl named Harry

    He wandered out of the woods and into her heart. Bigfoot finds love at last.

  • rissygreeneyes

    Running her fingers through his hair, Kathy wondered how George managed to get his hair so soft and supple. His secret? Pert plus for men. Well, of course!

  • Tui Cook

    She got the bear rug she always wanted for Christmas that year.

  • David McDaniel

    Wookie here now

  • Tracy Booth-Stoiber

    50% of my husband’s Halloween Ape Costume is complete! Aren’t I crafty??? Now if anyone out here has access to a dog grooming salon, I’d appreciate it…I’m running low on black hair!

  • Argumus Prime

    Hair… There… and Everywhere.

  • Gi Gi

    Check for body lice lately??

  • Del Monsivais

    The stresses that came from being single and dealing with heat bills went away when she met… the perfect man.

  • Twostarzz

    The Touch, The Feel, The Fabric of Our Lives

  • jayz

    hair on the dog!

  • jayz

    hugs not rugs!

  • Rainy Haley

    Regina shaved the man, and wore his dirty sweater.

  • Rainy Haley

    And you’ll never guess the one place he doesn’t have hair…

  • Debbie

    Bigfoot tears low self-esteem a new a-hole and decides that Sally Man-Hands is indeed the girl of his dreams.

  • Job Tyler Leach

    Silly Suzy loved her new red-checked Velcro dress… until Hairy Herman showed up.

  • Jasmine Davis

    Someone needs to finish their game of Jumanji

  • poobear40d

    Next on Jerry Springer, Sasquatches and the women that love them!

  • Erueti Brown

    Some people think its weird Im in love with such a hirsute man, I just think its weird that I cant stop playing with the strange extra pair of uneven nipples he has on his back

  • Laura

    He’s bringing Hairy Back!

  • bean_shadow

    I’ve always wanted to meet Robin Williams!

  • Joey Jo

    I love to run my fingers through your hair…

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