Caption This: Cheese Dress (Win Stuff)

Caption This: Cheese Dress (Win Stuff)

We spent a lot of time looking at incredible, funny and weird photos every week and frankly, our brains are fried. We can’t come up with any captions other than “What is this I don’t even…” So now we’re looking to you guys to come up with ’em. Each week we’ll post a new photo for you to caption and send the winner a mystery prize.

How to Enter

Step 1: Leave a comment below with your best caption (sign up for Disqus)
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Last Caption This! Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in our last Caption This! contest. Here’s the winning caption:


Congrats Nick Hayes Woodward! You won a 375NS Cartridge Pen.


Via: Funny or Die

We want to know all of your thoughts and feelings. Please share them in great detail below.
  • Jenni Chasteen

    Who wore it cheddar?

  • cocoa

    Hands down, the cheesiest dress I’ve ever seen.

  • Prooouuuud to be an Americaaaan (cheese)

  • TimJaco

    And on the third day, Cheezus created woman

  • “Cheese All That”

  • Her Facebook relationship status: Kraft Single

  • Sara Renee Potter

    You know you’re a redneck…oh, hell…this is even bad for a redneck.

  • Sara Renee Potter

    Here she iiissss…Miss American Cheese

  • Clara Violetta

    That’s gouda leave stains on the car seats…

  • Sara Renee Potter

    Don’t my baby look sharp?

  • Daniel Guðmundsson

    now I’m gonna get some meat near me.

  • Daniel Guðmundsson

    Cheesus Christ loves me.

  • Justin Teeter

    “He asked her if she would like some cheese with her whine”

  • I hope that cheese stays there

  • Body by osmosis

  • Michelle W.

    She took it a little to literally when the photographer said cheese

  • ColonelCockman

    GTO? Moar like Tits or GTFO!

  • Grace

    She ran out of yellow Post-It notes to make a dress, so she used cheese slices instead.

  • Jeff

    Her boyfriend demanded a grilled cheese, so she gave him a grill and cheese!

  • Thomas

    Well YOU said “Essay cheese” !

  • hesgay

    ur gay

  • Jess

    Maybe this dress is a bit too mature.

  • Massimo Rossetti

    GTO, not cheese the ho

  • Charlie R Schott

    Start up this GTO and you might get yourself a cheese melt.

  • Jess

    Some like their ho’es in cheese.

  • Justin Teeter

    I said cheez its not cheese tits!

  • Thomas

    “Essay cheeeese !!”


    Goat Cheese!

  • Happy Hour

    Say Cheese

  • Guest

    JOE DIRT- “i thought you said you had a hemi’ “yeah i had to have a footprint gas pedal installed”

  • Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    GTO- Gouda, Taleggio, Olde York (all cheeses)

  • Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    I wonder what the person taking the picture is wearing…

  • Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    I said you dress like a tease not “dress up in cheese!”

  • Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    That girl is doing a hell of a job modeling that watch.

  • Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    I hope her significant other isn’t lactose intolerant.

  • Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    Bobby, the doctor told you not to eat processed foods… So you know what that means…

  • Wade L

    I was conceived in this bad bitch. Baaaaa.

  • CandaPanda

    dress cheesy dance classy

  • Guest

    I was conceived in this bad beeyotch. Baaaa.

  • Guest

    I was conceived in this car.

  • Wade L

    I got the cheese. You got the bologna?

  • Sam Sykes

    Surprisingly, Fifi didn’t get the modelling contract for Men and Motors…they said her shots were far too cheesy

  • j rock

    yes, that’s cheese on my tits, now get in the car.

  • Cornheiser

    I won this car playing strip cheese

  • Jessica Nicholls

    I love finding GISHWHES stuff on the internet. Um lets see, caption with “I’m feeling Gouda, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

  • R3mot3

    Say what?

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