Caption This: Big Baby (Win Stuff)

Caption This: Big Baby (Win Stuff)

We spent a lot of time looking at incredible, funny and weird photos every week and frankly, our brains are fried. We can’t come up with any captions other than “What is this I don’t even…” So now we’re looking to you guys to come up with ’em. Each week we’ll post a new photo for you to caption and send the winner a mystery prize.

How to Enter

Step 1: Leave a comment below with your best caption (sign up for Disqus)
Step 2: Check back next week for the winner and a new Caption This! contest

Last Caption This! Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in our last Caption This! contest. Here’s the winning caption:


Congrats Jackson Craft! You won Spud Spikes and potato seasoning!

Via: The Chive

We want to know all of your thoughts and feelings. Please share them in great detail below.
  • Jenni Chasteen

    “Don’t cry, it’s just a mask,” said the person in the crying baby mask.

  • whatthegeek

    There’s nothing more special than the bond between a giant baby and the weirdo in the creepy mask holding it.

  • Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    I get the fetishes, but why are they in a pool?

  • John Martell

    There, there, I will use the red polish NEXT time.

  • Jess

    Thinking hard for a clever caption now…

  • Ashlash

    You can’t go wrong, if you shield your dong

  • Justin Teeter

    it’s just you me and the water baby.

  • Cleavy

    This baby shower has turned into an adult flood.

  • Fally

    “Don’t cry… MAMAs gotcha”

  • Kate Powell

    Lady Gaga’s stage show is really getting out of hand.

  • 0rd

    The curious case of Benjamin Button’s lost cross-dressing rubber-fetish years.

  • Jackson Craft

    The king is born, long may he live and long may he rule!

  • Cornheiser

    Mom wanted to look good in her pool picture, but I got carried away with photoshop…

  • Sara Burns

    The safety word was “dunk”, which probably wasn’t the best choice for mommy and me water dominatrix class

  • Charlie R Schott

    Maybe we should have done this in a private pool

  • Charlie R Schott

    And that’s how I met your mother

  • Lewis Aird

    Now let’s get you back in the egg

  • Grace

    The masked magician has done it again!

  • Prairie G

    Meanwhile, at the Fetish Doll Refurbishing Center. ..

  • Leslie Jay

    “In the name of the people and things of Hell, I dub thee… Spawn, general of Hell’s armies.”

  • Missy

    oh don’t be such a baby – it’s the shallow end and you have your safety-tested personal flotation device!

  • Idjy

    WTF green nail polish?!

  • Cora Evans

    “Nobody puts Baby in the Water”

  • Brittany

    Kids these days just don’t understand playing for keeps. Well, this one’s mine and he’s going to learn today.

  • Katie Janeene Griffin

    water birth looks more complicated than I thought it would….

  • Nate Rudd

    how a natural child birth would look on American horror story

  • Andy Schuler

    I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy shit that’s a huge bitch!

  • Ken29

    This week in the National Enquirer: Giant baby must be breastfed by whales!

  • Ken29

    First photo of Rosie O’Donnell and Rush Limbaugh baby revealed.

  • Ashley Seal

    Role-playing gone wrong

  • Jennifer Lake

    S&M diving team saves the day again!!!

  • Mickey Belle

    “Luka. I am your mother”

  • Jeff

    Lady Gaga carries Britney Spears through her latest meltdown

  • Tina Crocker

    “Don’t worry sweety, Mommy won’t drop you.”

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