United States Stereotypes Map Tells It Like It Is

United States Stereotypes Map Tells It Like It Is

Ah, stereotypes. Ignorant or mostly true? You decide. This print, titled “America in My Book,” depicts a map of the good ol’ US of A based on silly stereotypes that any American is familiar with. Created through the eyes of a Californian, it reiterates what we already know: Florida is for old peeps, Oregon is filled with hipsters, Wisconsin makes cheese, and New Jersey is all about Snooki (ouch!). The tongue-in-cheek print measures 11×17 inches and is printed on high-quality, white, 80-pound matte paper. Buy it for yourself or a friend with a genuine sense of humor, i.e. someone who does not hail from the land of potatoes.


Via: www.foundshit.com

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