You may not even recall the last time you saw a typewriter (that still works), let alone the last time you used one. And these days there’s a shortage of artists who paint with “real” paint, rather than graphic programs. (No one blames you—it’s not like paint brushes have a cmd Z function.) But just because most of us can’t form a complete sentence unless we’re typing by the soothing glow of a monitor it doesn’t mean that everyone needs technology to be creative. Artist Tyree Callahan came up with a clever way to make beautiful paintings with an old typewriter from 1937. Callahan replaced the ink pads with colored paint pads and markers, dubbing his magic art making machine the Chromatic Typewriter. I want to make my own so the next time I write someone a “colorful” letter it’s pretty art instead of curse words. (Although I will still make it using curse words.)

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  1. frist

    Obviously the whole thing, typewriter and the painting, form one piece of art. I’m sure the typewriter is not functional and the painting has been done by hand.