Tiny Hardware: Mini Tool Chest & Mini Tools

Tiny Hardware: Mini Tool Chest & Mini Tools

This is a miniature tool chest with teensy tools. It’s made to 1/12 scale of a Hewitt chest and contains all the same tools you’d expect to find in one. Even the teensy little lock is functional! The thing was crafted by William Robertson, a miniaturist. I didn’t know that was a job either, but I’m seriously reconsidering job paths. It took William over 1,000 hours to complete the project which is more time than I’ve ever dedicated to doing anything. Except dreaming of pizza. I’ve spent waaaaaay more than some measly 1,000 hours dreaming about pizza. Mama loves you, Pizza. Thinking of you always!


Via: cheezburger.com

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  • RJ

    Where can I buy one of these?

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