This Octopus Candle Holder Is Bad To The Ass

This Octopus Candle Holder Is Bad To The Ass

This is the Walktopus, a bronze candle holder shaped like everyone’s favorite cephalopod. The gorgeous octo-light was sculpted by artist Scott Musgrove. Want one of your very own? God, me too. BADLY. Unfortunately, it’s $4,000. While I’m sure it’s worth every penny, that’s like, way way way hay hay out of my candle holder budget. However, I see on Scott’s site that you can email him for other payment options. You think he’d accept, um… this Olive Garden gift card my aunt gave me? There’s gotta be at least $30 left on there. C’mon, that’s a legit trade — they got unlimited breadsticks! That’s priceless.



Via: Reddit

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