Super Creative Pencil Shaving Art

Super Creative Pencil Shaving Art

Here are some seriously cute pencil shaving illustrations by artist Marta Altes. She started the series just recently and will continue to expand it. I assume just as soon as her pencils become dull and she has to sharpen them again. How creative of her to turn the discarded skins of pencils into art! While one person might think “Pencil shavings? Does anyone even use pencils anymore?” Marta’s brain is all “That ballerina needs a pencil shaving tutu — STAT!” Which is nice. Because, you know, different strokes for different strokes and stuff. If all of us were the same then, uh… we’d like each other better? No, that’s not it. Hmm. Well, it’s something along those lines anyway.

Check it out


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  • Sahaj

    awesome art!!

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