See How One Mom Knit A Life-Size Version Of Her Son

See How One Mom Knit A Life-Size Version Of Her Son

Mom and textiles designer Marieke Voorsluijs has a tween son who is growing up and taking more space for himself to do whatever kids are doing these days. Faceybooks? Twittar? Your guess is as good as mine. How does a mother cope with such a transition? Well, if you’re Marieke, you knit a life-size version of your kid! If you’re me, you super glue their hand to yours so they can never escape which is why I’m not fit to be a parent. It’s that simple.





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Via: Pee-wee's Blog

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  • Creepy.

  • basketpam

    THAT is exactly what I was going type and you beat me to it so I will just say….”Ditto”! There’s something kind of morbid about seeing that thing. At LEAST she hadn’t done this odd thing because her son had passed away. I was prepared to read that when I opened the story. It’s not as bad as I had expected, but not much.

  • AliCat

    It rubs the lotion on its skin

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