Octopus & Alien Tentacle Chandeliers

Octopus & Alien Tentacle Chandeliers

Designer Adam Wallacavage brings us this series of Octopus and Alien Tentacle Chandeliers. Definitely the type of thing I imagine King Triton has hanging in his parlor. Not that I… think about King Triton often… I just… NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Adam uses lamp parts, epoxy clay, and spray paint to create the light fixtures. They’re prettyyyy bad ass. Especially if you’re into octopi, aliens, or chandeliers. If you’re into all of the above? Congratulations! You’ve probably got a very, um, how do I say this? Memorable personality. Let’s just put it like that. I’m saying people think you’re weird.




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Via: geekologie.com

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