Mom Draws Pics On Her Sons' Napkins

Mom Draws Pics On Her Sons' Napkins

Nina Levy is an artist. She’s also a cool mom. NOT one of those ‘cool moms’ who flirts with the guy you like, but the kind of cool mom that does thoughtful things like drawing amazing artwork on napkins and packs them along with your lunch. You can see all of the napkins Nina’s made on her blog Daily Napkins. She’s created them over the past 6 years, racking up 2,000+ pieces of art. The lucky recipients? Her sons Archer and Ansel. I hope you kids realize how lucky you are! My mom is one of those other kind of ‘cool moms’. The only notes she ever sent in my lunch box was intended for me to pass along to the cute boys in my class. Sure it was super traumatic at the time, but now I can look back on it and laaaauuuugh and laugh and laugh. Because if you don’t laugh, you cry. That’s something I’ve learned in my years of therapy!






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  • jessie

    …and what praytell is “dressing slutty”?

    Great art but the snotty and demeaning comment about women took away from what could have been a truly inspired article. Slut shaming has no place here

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