IKEA Hack Stand-Up Desk

IKEA Hack Stand-Up Desk

I can bet your expanding bottom that getting more exercise is on your current to-do list. Getting up off of it every few hours at work is one way to do it! This IKEA hack could be your ticket to a better day and a healthier bod. With a little help, Kelli Anderson built her dream desk with a smart stand-up option. The minimalist convertible standing-sitting desk/storage unit is made from Ikea cabinets, a top from Lowe’s and a linear actuator.



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Via: swissmiss

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  • Bree B.

    not sure if it counts as an IKEA hack, but I used IKEA’s customisable desk parts to bolt a corner desktop to the supporting rails of my StorĂ¥ bunk bed, thus only needing to purchase two legs for the outer corners of my desk. đŸ™‚

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