If Disney Princesses Had Regular-Size Eyes

If Disney Princesses Had Regular-Size Eyes

The Disney Princesses seem to have it all. Perfect hair, tiny waists, rich and smexy-ass husbands, pretty clothes, animal friends that can talk, and unnaturally large eyes. Jen Lewis over at Buzzfeed has put together a side by side top by bottom comparision of what the ladies would look like with more… regular sized eyes. Sure, I can get on board with this! Anything that’ll cut us womens some slack. I mean, we’ve already got tons of pressure to get the unrealistically teensy waist so we can attract Prince Charming. At least cut us some slack on our regular sized eyes! Also, if we can teach those princes to accept my beer gut, then I’ll be SET.













Via: Buzzfeed

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  • jerrrrrrrrr

    lighten up. while disney can be pure evil, the art in the ‘after’ part here makes it lame looking.

  • Facilalilaty

    If they repositioned and resized the eyebrows as well, the characters simply would not be as exaggerated as the images intend.

  • Data1001

    Exactly what I was coming here to say.

  • Ivana Lexa-French

    The resizing makes most of them look like they have down-syndrome

  • Robbie Walker

    Yeah. Those images are horrible, and I should know. These make actual people who have down-syndrome actually look nice by comparison.

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