Home Sweet Home In A Van, Down By The River!

Home Sweet Home In A Van, Down By The River!

Unfortunately, when most people spend some time living in a van, it isn’t by choice.  Mathew Arthur, a designer from Vancouver, Canada, plans to do just that for one year.  The year will be “an exercise challenging the conventions placed around contemporary living and how we let the spaces we inhabit define us.” Photos show us that it has been outfitted with a cozy bed, a countertop, storage space, a mini fridge and electricity. I didn’t spy any shots of a toilet, but hey, that’s what friends and the woods are for, right? Check out his blog over the next year to see his progress.

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Via: inhabitat.com

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  • John

    He can overnight in Walmart parking lots and take care of his security and toiletry needs.

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