Hey Baby, Wanna Ride The Subway?

Hey Baby, Wanna Ride The Subway?

If you ever get lost in New York, don’t stop and ask for directions because New Yorkers can be real dicks. You’re better off just looking at a map and figuring it out for yourself. Of course if your goal is to avoid dealing with dicks, this isn’t the map for you. The New York Subway Penis map, illustrated by Berlin based designer Veit Schuetz combines the city’s subway system with an anatomical illustration of male genitals. Somehow, it manages to be a pretty accurate diagram of both. I’m not really sure how these two things are connected, but I’m definitely more afraid than ever that I’ll pick up and STD from riding the subway.

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Via: laughingsquid.com

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  • Kyle

    Oh this is so ragingly clever. ::eyeroll::

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