Hand Gesture Pop-Up Greeting Cards

Hand Gesture Pop-Up Greeting Cards

Enough Said is a series of hand made pop-up cards crafted by etsy artist Alessandra Mondolfi. Each card features a common hand gesture and is meant to serve as the sole message to the recipient. Ah man, remember the last time you sent out greeting cards? You got allllll mixed up. Your college roomie received the card with a litter of kittens playing with a ball of yarn under the words “Thinking Of You” while Gramma ended up with the card that pictured a half naked lady on a motorcycle eating birthday cake. She nearly had a heart attack. TWICE. The good news is, the line has several various gestures to choose from for any occasion, like a high-five, hang loose, peace, thumbs up, I love you, etc. Click over to her site to see all of the options available. Just try and pay attention this time and don’t let me find out that you sent Gramma the finger via snail mail.


Via: www.trendhunter.com

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