Star Wars' Spaceship Shaped Guitars

Star Wars' Spaceship Shaped Guitars

Here’s a collection of custom made guitars by Tom Bingham. They’re shaped like Star Wars’ spaceships like a Y-wing Starfighter, B-wing fighter, and the Millenium Falcon. Each one takes about three months to complete. Wow, Tom! That’s some serious time and dedication. And you know what? It shows. These things are super impressive! Almost as impressive as how many cheeseburgers I can eat in one sitting. I wonder how many Tom can eat. Probably about 2 tops. Aw, it’s alright, don’t be down on yourself, Tom! We’ve all got our strengths and weaknesses. Yours just happens to be building bad-ass intricate Star Wars guitars. Mines is gorging myself on cheeseburgers until I get a tummy ache and swear off cheeseburgers for a while.




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