Getting Your Drink On With The Gnomes

Getting Your Drink On With The Gnomes

I’ll drink any and every day of the week for any reason I can possibly come up with. Last Tuesday I went to the dentist — no cavities, wheeeeee! — and decided that was a good enough excuse to grab a drank. So it’s not that I need anything to encourage me to drink, but these sweet Norsk Ol brewskies designed by Ryanna Christianson are practically begging me to get my chug on. I can’t say gNOme (uh huh, I just did that) to those fat little faces! Man do I love me some gnomes. Mischievous little dudes, wearing pointy hats, riding around on foxes, peeping through your window, watching you undress at night, waiting for you to fall asleep so they can steal your pets for their gnome feasts. F***in’ gnomes. Oh man, do they slay me.


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