Garish, Gross and Gruesome Garden Gnomes

Garish, Gross and Gruesome Garden Gnomes

Last time we checked, garden gnomes seemed like nice little bearded fellas who wear pointy hats and keep an eye on your front lawn. But these days not every gnome fits the stereotype. For example, some gnomes don’t wear red pointy hats—they wear leather assless chaps or dress like superheroes. And some gnomes couldn’t be described as friendly, like zombie gnomes or combat gnomes (who coincidentally don’t get along very well). In fact, our whole preconception about gnomes was way off. Check out these garish, gross and gruesome garden gnomes.

1. Mooning Gnome – $70

2. Zombie Garden Gnome – $39

3. Combat Gnome with M-16 – $42

4. Zombie Gnomes: Bye Bye Birdie – $55

5. Garden Gnome With Jet Pack – $35

6. Batman and Robin Garden Gnomes – DIY

7. Combat Garden Gnome with Rocket Launcher – $42

8. Leather Daddy Garden Gnome – $50

9. The Non Conformist – $145

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