Figurines Made From Children's Drawings

Figurines Made From Children's Drawings

Crayon Creatures is a company that turns children’s drawings into figurines. All you gotta do is send in your child’s drawing plus $130 and designer Bernat Cuni will make that 2D scribble scrabble into a 3d-printed scribble scrabble! I wonder if they really ONLY do children’s work, though, you know? Because I would LOVE to see some of my drawings recreated in the flesh. I mean, how is Bernat even gonna know if my refridgerator masterpieces come from a child or not — I got poor motor skills. Like, the equivalent of a newborn baby. Let’s just say my artwork is REAL abstract.

Thanks to the Royal Angel King for the tip. He is an amazing artist. One time he drew a picture of a butt. It was so accurate it made me feel weird!


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