Empty Nesters Photo Series

Empty Nesters Photo Series

How much do your parents miss you now that you’re gone (oopsies if you’re still there)? Has your room remained the same, BSB posters and all, or did it become the home gym before you pulled out of the driveway? The way families react to a suddenly child-less pad varies and photographer¬†Dona Schwartz¬†captured the reactions perfectly. Her photo series covers empty nesters posing in the bedrooms their children, now grown, left behind.








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Via: Huffington Post

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  • Joann

    18 .

  • Jack Today

    What ugly tiny hell-holes most of those rooms are. No wonder they’re empty, bet the occupants couldn’t wait to leave.

  • Rob Casabianca

    My apartment is smaller than the room I had at my parents house was…. I’m 27, left the house at 18 (on and off until I finished college)… they turned it into a guest room and took all my stuff down. Long Island is too expensive for my crappy biochemistry career hahaha.

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