Dogs Leaning Out of Car Windows

Dogs Leaning Out of Car Windows

It doesn’t matter how often I see dogs poking their doggy heads out of a car window, it always makes me do a double-take. If they have their drooly tongues hanging out too, I better hold onto the wheel! There’s no need to question why LA-based photographer Lara Jo Regan created Dogs in Cars. The series features canines of every variety enthusiastically sticking their heads out of moving vehicles. If you need more dogs in cars action, there’s a 2014 wall calendar devoted to Regan’s series, or check out this video we featured some time ago.







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  • Bikedaddy

    My dogs _ Great Dane and a Germn Sheppard- won’t eve get in the car.l

  • Jonah

    For those of us who drive on the left side of the road and with Right-hand drive cars, it looks like these animals are actually driving recklessly.

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