Do It Yarrrself: Pirate Chest Cooler

Do It Yarrrself: Pirate Chest Cooler

This is a Pirate Chest Cooler by Redditor ShutUpLori who made it for his boss. It’s a regular beer cooler modded with wood, some hardware, a water spigot, and other pirate-y type adornments. Shiver me timbers, I never wanted something so bad in me life! This is the perfect place to store my rum. Or booty. Teehehehe! But for real, I could keep my treasure ┬áin there and call it… freezing my assets. Only issue with that is, I don’t have any money! So… donate to the cause? C’mon, it’ll be hilarious!

UPDATE: Here’s a complete tutorial to make your very own Pirate Chest Cooler.


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