Disney Princesses Meet Star Wars

Disney Princesses Meet Star Wars

The Disney princesses are back and this time they’re dress as characters from Star Wars in this series by DeviantARTist Pushfighter. Great job, but truthfully I would’ve loved to see one of the ladies as Chewie. Now THAT would be funny: a pretty princess covered in matted hair! Priceless. Nah, actually, I bet we could put a price on that. Just toss Pushfighter some money to commission it and I bet he’d whip something up for us. But the joy and laughter we experience as a result of the image? That would be priceless.







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Via: Geekologie

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  • Kyki


  • Dan Wilson

    Gotta do belle. Like a han solo belle
    Belle plz do a belle. I’m gettin the snow white tattooed n I need another one.

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