Disney Princesses And Their Villains' Shadows

Disney Princesses And Their Villains' Shadows

This is a set of illustrations by artist Joe Alexander depicting the Disney Princesses and the shadows of their respective villains creepin’ behind them. Joe’s selling prints for $20 a pop over at Society6. Man, looking at these kinda makes you want to stand up and scream “LOOK OUT, PRINCESS — BEHIND YOU!” Or at least that’s I did and now everyone at the coffee shop is staring at me. Not really sure why Belle’s villain is Gaston, I mean, is he really a baddie? He’s kind of just a total douche with big muscles. Sure, having her father shipped off to the loony bin and attempting to murder the Beast were both pretty dick moves, but — well, actually when you put it like that, that guy is totally a villain. Like, I don’t even know what I was thinking when I suggested that he wasn’t. I must be losing my mind! Losing my mind, and spending wayyyy too much time analyzing character dynamics in Disney films. Help me!









Via: io9

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  • Joe Alexander

    Love your review! Thanks for the shout out and I enjoyed your tangent on Gaston…hahahaha. Be sure to check out my newest designs 🙂

  • 😀

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