Deserted Island Raft

Deserted Island Raft

Artist Antti Laitenen constructed this life raft called the Voyage. It resembles a deserted island complete with palm tree, white sand and no sign of a Mickey D’s. It was built over the span of three months. Annnnnd destroyed by storms within a day. He’s taken this baby for a spin on the Baltic sea and the Thames. *shivers* One of my greatest fears is running out of food being stranded on a deserted island. I know what happens to the fat kid! I’ve read Lord of the Flies. No, no I haven’t. I did check it out of the library in high school and it rolled around in the back of my car until it slid under the driver’s seat. I didn’t find it until months later and I owed like $6,000 in overdue fines. Which is why I moved three states over. They’ll never find me!!

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