Damn Cap'n, You Fancy!: Cereal Couture

Damn Cap'n, You Fancy!: Cereal Couture

Tricia at Sip, Chat, Chow, designed this conceptual line of popular cereals meshed with luxury fashion brands. Tricia, you did a great job. For real, all them cereal boxes look classy as hell. But on a serious note: cereal is poor people food. Please don’t take that away from us. Rich People, I’m talking to you. You got yachts, Lambos, private jets, designer clothes, a household staff, exotic pets, multiple middle names, swimming pools filled with gold coins, monogrammed toilet paper and all kindsa other shit that I will never have. That’s not enough? You want my Cap’n Crunch and Rice Krispies too? I bet you’re gonna take our gas station bought Slim Jims and make them all luxurious and inaccessible to us less fortunate types, amirite? Well, Randy Savage is rolling is his f***ing grave! What next, you want our Ramen too? YOU GREEDY BASTARDS. Fine, fine. You can take the Ramen. Just let us keep our cut up hot dogs mixed in with mac n chee.

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Via: swagsofresh.com

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