Cherry Blossom Mosaic Made Of Cupcakes

Cherry Blossom Mosaic Made Of Cupcakes

This Cherry Blossom mosaic is made up of 10,000 cupcakes. The project was put together by London-based bakery Crumbs And Doilies for Japanese TV show ITTEQ. Guys — ten thousand cupcakes. Do you know how many that is? That’s like a one, a zero, a comma, and then a few more zeroes. In other words, LOTS of cupcakes. And an ungodly sugar rush. How do you think they managed to complete the project without sneaking a few bites in? That’s some serious dedication and commitment. If I was involved their wouldn’t be a mosaic. Just 16 cupcakes or so. And that’s only after I passed out from OD-ing on icing. I have a problem!

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