Celebrity Portraits Made of Stuff

Celebrity Portraits Made of Stuff

Whether it’s at the newsstand or surfing the blogosphere, we see a lot of pictures of celebrities. But nothing captures a celebrity quite like artwork made by fans—especially if that fan art is made of hundreds of cheetos or thousands of BBs. Check out 15 of the most incredible celebrity portraits made of stuff.

Conan O’Brien Portrait Made of Cheetos

What’s the best way to capture Conan O’Brien’s cheesy personality on canvas? Jason Baalman did it with 50 bags of Cheetos. Great use of color and flavors.

Tina Fey Mosaic Made of Gadgets

Close-up, this just looks like a clutter made up of old gadgets, TV guides, bottle caps and junk you expect to find in a messy nerd’s house. A messy nerd like Liz Lemon perhaps? Zoom back and you’ll find that this pile of gadgets and stuff is a portrait of Tina Fey imagined by Jason Mecier.

Snoop Dogg Portrait Made from Roach Papers

Who ever said stoners never finish what they start? Tattoo artist and pot smoker Cliff Maynard creates portraits made from roach papers in his spare time, including this incredible Snoop Dogg portrait.

Lady Gaga Portrait Made of BBs

Lady Gaga could be described as larger than life, and so could this portrait of her made of 61,509 airsoft BBs. The portrait uses just 5 colors and took artist John O’Hearn about a month to create.

Rachel Ray Portrait Made out of Pasta

Another fitting portrait designed by Jason Mecier—it’s Rachel Ray made of pasta. Yum!

President Obama Portrait Made of Cereal

Whether you see it as a statement on capitalism or as part of a balanced breakfast, this President Obama portrait by Hank Willis Thomas and Ryan Alexiev is an ambitious (and possibly delicious) project.

Stephen Colbert Portrait Made of Rubik’s Cubes

Stephen Colbert is a symbol of truthiness and nerdiess and this portrait made up of 768 Rubik’s Cubes by Dave Litwin pays proper tribute.

Bruce Springsteen Portrait Made of Broken Vinyls and CDs

Using broken CDs and vinyls as his medium, Thierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash, creates bold portraits of musical artists, like Bruce Springsteen.

George Clooney Portrait Made from Jelly Beans

George Clooney is generally considered a spicy actor, but is he sweet? Now that Roger Rocha immortalized him in thousands of Jelly Belly candies, he’s looking pretty sweet to us.

Mariah Carey Portrait Made of Make-up

Jason Mecier puts together a pretty portrait of Mariah Carey using nothing but make-up and beauty products. Is it a tribute to her looks or a comment about beauty only being skin deep?

President Bush Portrait Made of Porn

At first glance this portrait of President Bush by Jonathan Yeo looks perfectly normal… and then all at once you realize that this Bush painting is actually quite NSFW.

John Lennon Portrait Made from a Cassette Tapes

Another tribute to outdated media, Erika Iris Simmons creates portraits of rock stars made from old cassette tapes.

Jay-Z Mosaic Portrait Made of Gems

Hip hop and bling goes together like Beyonce and Jay-Z. At least that’s what artist Adrian Firth seemed to think when he created this portrait of Jay-Z made of 22,500 Swarovski crystals.

Tom Waits Portrait Made of Coffee and Cigarettes

You don’t get to sound like Tom Waits without a lot of coffee and cigarettes—you don’t get to look like him either, as proven by this portrait by Mike Oncley.

Bill Cosby Portrait Made of JELL-O Shots

You almost can’t think about JELL-O without thinking about Bill Cosby and vice versa, so it’s only fitting that artist Andrew Salomone made the two images one in the same.

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  • Truthiness

    That looks like a bland of Leno and Conan. As a pictures of just Conan it’s not very good.

  • Jay

    You guys forgot the Jimi Hendrix one made out of guitar picks!

  • Coco Fan

    I could just eat Conan up.

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