Capture For Hands-Free Shoots

Capture For Hands-Free Shoots

Professional photogs and amateurs alike can quit dealing with a dangling strap or bulky camera bag as soon as this project makes it big. The Capture Clip System is a device (currently on Kickstarter) that allows your camera to be rigidly secured to your body while maintaining total accessibility. Giving you freedom to travel about—hands-free—with your SLR, its clip attaches to any belt and works with any SLR camera. Future projects from the developer include parts that will safely attach cameras to the handlebars of bicycles and to the roofs of cars.


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  • Tom

    How is this different from the Spider holster and spider holster black widow already on the market for 2+ years?

  • Nice idea, but I can never see myself ever needing one. I’ve either got my camera in my hands ready to shoot, or in a bag being unused. There’s never a ‘oh I might need it so it’s here just in case’ moment, or the shot has gone!

    Either way, you get one on either side, and you’d look totally badass.

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