Bob's Burgers x Game Of Thrones = Amazing Unlikely Mash Up

Bob's Burgers x Game Of Thrones = Amazing Unlikely Mash Up

Artist and Imgurian CarlosDanger101 did this Bob’s Burgers x Game of Thrones mash up. It is amazing. Apparently it took him a month to draw it all up and I have to say: time well spent. Unlike the painstaking hours I spent organizing my sock drawer this weekend. That’s time I’ll never get back.

bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-2 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-3 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-4 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-5 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-6 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-7 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-8 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-9 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-10 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-11 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-12 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-13 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-14 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-15 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-16 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-17 bobs-burgers-game-of-throne-18

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Via: Vulture

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