Badass Versions of Childhood Characters

Badass Versions of Childhood Characters

Memory can be a funny thing. It can make you remember the tallest slide at your playground being stories high. (To be fair, they don’t make ’em nearly as tall as they used to…) It can also make you remember your favorite childhood characters to be much more badass than they actually were. But maybe not… THIS badass. Or violent. Artist Sylvain Sarrailh (aka Tohad) created gritty versions of beloved characters like Winnie the Pooh, Denver the last dinosaur, the Teletubbies and more. You can view more of Sarrailh’s art on Deviantart or see the rest of this series on Tumblr.






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Via: Neatorama

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  • JaiGuru

    Yawn. #Edgyolo cartoon characters.

  • ElizaJD

    My childhood is ruined

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