Artsydog, Like Etsy For Pooches

Artsydog, Like Etsy For Pooches

There’s no question that Etsy is amazing. While there are certainly plenty of pet products in the handmade marketplace, there’s definitely room for a site that is dedicated to showcasing beautiful handcrafted canine products. Selling goods created by a variety of talented artisans, Artsydog is a Canadian company created by Sheila Bredin. From custom pet portraits to clothing and accessories for your pampered pup, there’s no shortage of unique pet products. Best of all, a portion of the sales from the site will be donated to Kiva and The Farley Foundation.

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  • stephen sabella

    Artsydog is unfair and I will never shop with them, I do not recommend this store to anyone

  • Just putting the record straight here.
    I am not in any way connected to, however in all fairness to readers, they should know that
    Stephen Sabella was banned from the Artsydog Cutest Dog Contest for submitting bogus entries and has a reputation with with facebook admin for his hijinx.
    I too have had dealings with him and alerted the staff @ artsydog about his false entries and his many identities. Beware of anything this person Stepen Sabella states; it is basically unfounded slander and if you are not careful he will be posting more abuse on your site.

  • Bravo for posting about this fabulous site –
    I thought it was my secret. It is indeed the Etsy for Pooches!! I have purchased incredible art from this site and also outfitted my two pooches in some very nice, well made accessories.

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