Artist Puts a Dark Spin on Fairy Tales

Artist Puts a Dark Spin on Fairy Tales

The original versions of most fairy tales are actually pretty dark and twisted. For example, in the original Little Mermaid story, when she got her legs it felt like she was constantly walking around on sharp swords. Oh yeah and SPOILER, she doesn’t get the prince and she DIES. Pretty dark. Even still, illustrator Rachael Wise has her own dark version that rivals the original. In Wise’s version, she cuts off her tail and builds herself a pair of robot legs. Yikes. That’s just one of many examples of her “Fucked Up Tales” series on Tumblr. Fair warning though, you’re going to lose that last shred of innocence you had left after you accidentally stumbled upon gross cartoon porn versions of your favorite Disney characters.

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Via: The Mary Sue

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  • GreenEyedLilo

    These are fantastic, though I think the Little Mermaid one might be nightmare fuel. (Just like Hans Christian Andersen’s original story!) Disney has its place, but it twisted the original stories beyond recognition. It’s nice to see things like this and the “Grimm” TV show that reclaim them.

  • Susie Otto

    She needs a proofreader.

  • Grammar Police

    Fashion word?

  • lwhihi27

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