Arrested Development Paper Doll Sets

Arrested Development Paper Doll Sets

If you’re like me, you’re eagerly awaiting the new Arrested Development series premiere on Netflix in 2013. And I think I might’ve just found the thing to bide the time: Etsy seller HeartlessUniverse aka Chane Kroll’s Arrested Development Paper Dolls. Everyone knows a Bluth family reunion isn’t complete without severe dysfunction the Company Staircar, so thankfully Chane’s got that covered right along with Gob’s Magic Kit,┬áthe Cornballer Infomercial Set and the Banana Stand. I just bought ten — they should pay for themselves! Get it? There’s always money in the Banana Stand.


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  • Wow, this is my best review since Balboa Bay Window’s “Why I Want to Marry my Mother” issue.

    Thanks for the great shout-out!


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