Anatomically Correct Macaron Cookies

Anatomically Correct Macaron Cookies

These are Anatomical Macarons made by Miss Insomnia Tulip for The Evil Cake Shop. She’s got all the organs covered, from the brain all the way down to the ding-dong and hoo-hah. Who knew a macaron could be so… smexy? Miss IT did a great job, but also — HORF! I dunno if I could down a macaron that looks like a kidney. I sure as hell couldn’t stomach a stomach. Aw hell, who am I kidding? I’d eat a macaron that resembles the doodiest part of a large intesine. I am NOT picky when it comes to sweets!

BONUS close-up shots of the male and female reproductive macarons, because I’m 12 years old.


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