Amazing Chandeliers Created with Everyday Items

Amazing Chandeliers Created with Everyday Items

Chandeliers are arguably the most grand form of lighting around. Big or small, dazzling or rustic, they draw the eye up and add interest to the space below. Ordinary chandeliers can get quite expensive…care to take on a little DIY? Some bold designers did just that, by creating chandeliers out of everyday objects. Over time we’ve featured quite a few of these zany designs, so we thought we’d put them all together in one, fun-to-share list. Ranging from beautiful to downright bizarre, here are 10 of the best.


Jellio Gummy Bear ‘Candelier’

5,000 sweet Gummy Bears are used to create this piece from Jellio. Of course, they’re not the real thing (chandelier-turned-snack? hmmm…), rather they are acrylic versions of the beloved candy treat.


Glory Pendant Lamp

The Glory Pendant Lamp by Jonas Lönborg has a leg up on other chandeliers – sexy, boldly colored and wildly unique, it will lighten up a room’s mood in more ways than one.


Light Reading Chandelier

The Light Reading Chandelier makes an intriguing statement about the thousands of books that are discarded each year. Designer Lucy Norman makes use of them, by turning them into the very best reading light around.


Fishing Float Chandelier

The Fishing Float Chandelier was meticulously constructed out of fishing floats and nylon fishing gut. Surprisingly good looking, it’s a perfect example of the unexpected beauty that can come out of re-purposing everyday objects.

Organelle Hangalier

Old bike rims paired with plastic and wood hangers are what makes up the appropriately named, Hangalier. Its remarkable arrangement allows the light to shine through beautifully.

BoxLightBox Cartridge Chandelier

Second to paper, ink cartridges are the most discarded product in office settings. When one artist couldn’t bare to see one more thrown away, she used them to create a cheerful and colorful chandelier.

Monkey Around Chandelier

Designed by John Niero, the Monkey Around Chandelier makes use of hundreds of toy monkeys. No matter how weird it may be, we can appreciate how the playful parts are placed in a traditional form.

Gita Cutlery Chandelier

The Gita Cutlery Chandelier is made up of the most everyday of everyday items. While it is decidedly weird, it would absolutely perfect for a kitchen…and just plain bizarre if placed anywhere else.

Tampon Chandelier

Sure tampons are only used by a portion of the population on a regular (not so much daily) basis, but its wow factor made it impossible not to include the Tampon Chandelier in this list. We would like to recommended keeping it far away from any dining areas.

Paperclip Chandeliers

These stunning Paperclip Chandeliers are created with fabric of interwoven paper clips and attached to a deconstructed steel wire frames. The intricate designs will cast a prism-like pattern onto the ceiling and walls when illuminated.

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