A Picture in a Thousand Words

A Picture in a Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes a picture just doesn’t cover it. How about turning a thousand words into a picture with each letter a pixel of an image?  Get a beautiful picture from Illumi Arts in a JPEG file or on a stretched print mounted to 1/2″ ultaboard.  

Words into Picture

Memories from a photo

When we look at a picture from a point in our lives memories flash back in a rush. You don’t just see the image but feel the temperature, smell the atmosphere and remember the events that led to that very moment.

  • A long kiss in an intense moment as a loved one returns from service in the military?
  • A child chasing a butterfly soon after learning to walk?
  • Two newlyweds looking deeply into one another’s eyes after tying the knot?
  • A child taking their first breath in a maternity unit?

Every one of those moments will have a huge tale to tell. Perhaps the worry of the spouse at home as she anxiously watched the news every day in hope that her loved one wasn’t mentioned. The huge amount of dogged effort your child put in to learning that basic yet essential effort of putting one foot in front of the other. The story from the first time two pairs of eyes met across a room and one of their owner’s determination to make those eyes look into theirs from far closer one day. The journey of the pregnancy, perhaps hard won, to the day when the most important person in your world was pulled free and into the land of the living to a world of unconditional love and joy like no other.

Words into Picture

Why not combine words and pictures?

While those seeing the image who were a part of it will have a memory that may never be fully expressed, others may never quite feel the magic of what is portrayed. We’ve all seen lovers kissing, babies being born and walking. Why not communicate the story?

Have you thought to write about that intense moment that changed your lives forever? Communicating that moment in the richness and detail that only you saw could be quite special.


Every image you see in modern print and on screen is just a row of microscopic dots called pixels. Now it is possible to turn words into pictures through the letters of those words being made pixels. The thousand words of emotion you have written can form the picture people see, with each letter forming an ever so slightly different color as part of the image. Those who zoom into the text can see the story behind the image simply because the words are the image they see.

Perhaps give a copy of the word picture to a loved one to keep forever? They can see the image and remember what you saw and thought as the event happened to you both. What better magic to give someone than something written from the heart yet delivered as an image?

Words into Picture



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