Photoseries Featuring Food Cut In Half

Photoseries Featuring Food Cut In Half

Photographer Beth Galton brings us Cut Food, a photoseries featuring cross-sections of food. Why? I don’t know. But that half-corndog with the ketchup and mustard being squirted all over it is sure making me hungry. In a bad way! There’s no such thing as hungry in a good way. True story. Also true story? My buddy Larvious hates cross-sections with a passion. Especially cross-sections of food. He gets physically and uncontrollably upset. One time I showed him half of a sandwich and he smashed it, threw it against the wall, ran over to where it landed and proceeded to grind it into the carpet with his sneakers. After that he tore a sofa in half. Which actually made him even angrier, because now there was yet another cross-section. Long story long, the evening ended with watching my apartment building burn down. So why am I posting Cut Food knowing that my poor pal will fly into a blind rage, destroying everything in sight? I… I don’t know. But now I just got real scared. OMG what have I done?!




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