A Coloring Book For Grown-Ups

A Coloring Book For Grown-Ups

Redditor Blameitonthewookie posted Coloring for Grown-Ups, an adults only activity book. A little Googling shows that it’s available to purchase over at Amazon. Yessss, time to break out the Crayolas. Jk jk, RoseArts. I’m on a budget! From what I see, the book is not appro for childrens based on the sad, harrowing realities of adulthood featured in the book and not so much because there are nudes. From what I saw (and believe you me, I looked!) there were no nudes. Not a single one. Which is a shame because being a grown up totally blows — we got all kinds of insecurities, neuroses, bills to pay, plus depression! At least give us some damn nudes. It’s all we got!







Via: imgur.com

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